Top Producer Real Estate and Top Speed Car Dealer v1.3.6

Top Producer/Top Speed is that the long expected follow-up on the in OpenDoor theme. we’ve got maintained all of the only OpenDoor choices, added more. It combines every property and automobile sales into one theme, where you’ll be able to switch between the two in Theme selections.

Key Features (For both Real Estate and Car Dealership mode)

  • 2 different header layouts
    • Standard minimal header (Logo on left, menu items & search on right)
    • Custom header (Design your own unique 1300px wide image. Be creative and unique. This goes on top of menu bar/search.)
    • Note: the demo uses only the standard minimal header. Read here for details and examples
  • Major homepage sections (Any area can be shown or hidden. Make homepage as detailed or simple as you need.)
    • Slideshow
    • Latest Listings
    • Latest blog posts
    • Widgets
    • Image/logo carousel (ideal for car logos!)
    • Call to action buttons
    • Content text (any text/code you want)
  • Multiple homepage slider types (slideshow)
    • Standard slider showing listing photo plus info
    • Simple slider showing static images
    • Revolution Slider (premium slideshow included free)
  • Search available in multiple places
    • Always accessible from right side of menu bar as a button (optional)
    • Under homepage slideshow (optional)
    • In all sidebars (optional)
    • Note: all these are optional. Mix and match to your needs.
  • 2 footer designs
    • A “Contact Us” footer with company info, contact form, and social links
    • A more traditional area with 4 widget areas where you can add whatever you want
  • Lots of widgetized areas.
    • Widgetized main section on homepage
    • Optional widgetized footer area
    • Widgetized left and right columns
  • Custom page templates
    • Search Results
    • All Listings
    • Sold Listings
    • Print Listing
    • Contact Us
    • Full width (no sidebars)
    • Left sidebar
    • Right sidebar
    • Left and right sidebar
  • NEW: listing “Shortcode”. Optional listing “shortcode”. You can now show listings inline with any post, page, or text widget. There are parameters to filter which listings show up.
  • NEW: File/document attachments. Attach files/documents (like PDFs) to each listing. Will show up in a section in the sidebar on the listing detail page.
  • NEW: Map marker “clustering” Google map showing search results now has clustering when markers are in close proximity. No more potential overlapping.
  • Advanced search always accessible at the top of the screen, even when scrolled down.
  • Unique “flip card” effect for each listing. (Not for IE browser. That will fall back to a fade) The flip allows for more information shown in a small area, yet it keeps the design looking clean and uncluttered. There is a Theme Option to disable the flip.
  • Clean and minimal design.
  • Boxed and Full-Width modes (See Real Estate demo for full width example. See car dealer demo for boxed example.) Also a mode for “more boxy” and “less boxy”. More boxy encloses more areas in light boxes so that you can have a darker overall site background and your content will still be readable. This can be combined with Full Width mode.
  • Do you have a huge logo, or you don’t want your logo small on the left side? Optionally create your own header banner. Include your logo, any text, any images. Be super creative and unique.
  • Option to exclude the search feature (if you only have a few listings and search is not needed).
  • Google maps are themeable. Customize map colors to match your color scheme and brand.
  • Sticky menu bar. Menu bar sticks to top of screen as you scroll down the page. Search button is embedded into menu bar so it will also be on the top of the screen at all times.
  • Mobile Responsive. (But not if you use the dsIDXpress plugin) Looks great on all screen sizes ranging from small phone to large monitor. (Note: if you use the dsIDXpress plugin, then pages generated by it are not responsive. Not our fault!)
  • Advanced search. Each search dropdown can shown or hidden
  • Compare listings. Check the boxes next to each search result and compare them all side by side. Maximum of 5. (Not in dsIDXpress plugin search results)
  • Translation-ready (qtranxslate Plus plugin required) No difficult .po or .mo files necessary! Only things NOT translation-ready is the banner text, and Loan Calculator text (in Real Estate mode).
  • Customizable menu bar colors. In Theme Options, set color for menu bar, item hover, dropdown hover, text color, text hover, divider line color, etc.
  • Sticky header when you scroll down. Option to disable this in Theme Options.
  • Mark a listing as ‘Sold’ and have the ability to filter out all Sold listings from all places in site.
  • Social networking: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Ebay Motors, and Pinterest. Include/exclude any of them from Theme Options -> Social Networking.
  • Order search results page interactively
  • Enter custom text to replace the price. For example: “Call for Price”, or “As low as $250,000”. Text is set on a post-by-post basis.
  • Font Awesome (vector icons) support. Easily add scalable icons anywhere. (
  • Unlimited color choices, in Theme Options. Ability to set background color (or images) independently for all major parts and most minor parts of the site.
  • Include one or more videos in each listing.
  • Define unlimited types of banners in Theme Options. Each banner can even have a custom color.
  • Loan Calculator (can be removed in Theme Options). Can be shown or hidden in various parts of the site.
  • Compatible with OpenHouse/Automotiv, and OpenDoor. If you are coming from our previous themes, then changing to this theme is a breeze. All your current listings will easily carry over to this theme, so you will not need to re-post them.
  • Live and always up to date documentation in the form of a Google Docs public document.
  • Top notch support via Themeforest comments, email, and support forum. (Forum is highly encouraged so others will benefit)


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