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NEWSMAGis featured tagDiv merchandise . this can be a news and magazine themes excelled . It’s full convergence of the instance skilled news theme and magazine format needed . It additionally supports videos from YouTube and options a classification system.

The full list of features – NEWSMAG – NEWS MAGAZINE NEWSPAPER:

  • All the blocks
  • Live search with ajax and up down keys
  • Powered by Visual Composer
  • Responsive Google AdSense support via our custom admin panel
  • Responsive ads support
  • nline Google AdSense or other ads
  • Auto youtube, dailymotion and vimeo thumb downloader
  • Built in review system
  • SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews
  • uilt in translation support from our admin panel.
  • Multi Language site support via the free qTranslate plugin
  • gif animation support
  • Unlimited sidebars

Newsmag v3.2 – News Magazine Newspaper Changelog

v3.2 – October 10th, 2016
new: added support for design options on most of the blocks. You can now change the padding, margin and border on blocks
new: added support for retina images on our blocks and modules. You can enable them in the panel.
misc: various core code refactoring and optimizations.
misc: better theme documentation and better help text in panel
misc: added used on for thumbnails in theme panel
misc: file path and names are now visible on each module, smart list, template etc on hover
misc: breadcrumbs markup, added BreadcrumbList schema
fix: our blocks sometimes had issues autoadjuting the column count when placed in a inner row that is in a row
fix: on first install the Visual Composer tooltip was appearing over our tooltip and there was no way to close the last remaining open tooltip
fix: wrong recomanded columns in Visual Composer, new users found it dificult to find out on what colum layouts our blocks work best
fix: background ad on tempalte 8
fix: top menu hover and background ad cursor fix bugs
fix: images that have alignnone now work as expected
fix: main menu was loading without css on first load
fix: modal login button css

Here is a brief summary of the details you can view the demo



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