Bulu Monster 3.21.2 Apk + Mod Unlimited Money for Android


Bulu Monster 3.21.2 Apk + Mod Unlimited Money for Android

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster – a monster collecting game in Android

Monsters ar the most theme of the exciting new app from letter Game. Bulu Monster permits the user to become a monster trainer on Bulu Island. letter Game believes this app can stand out from all of the opposite monster games on the market as Bulu Monster puts the user totally au fait. during this role taking part in journey game, the user should discover, capture, fight and train one among the one hundred fifty monsters. Bulu Monster additionally permits the user to have interaction with friends and with different trainers on-line, enabling them to challenge their friends and different players of the sport.

Bulu Monster was some eighteen months within the making; letter Game has ensured that the app is of the standard that users can have return to expect. The prime quality animation, daring plot line, and therefore the ability to challenge each friends and different users on-line adds to the exhilarating, high energy feel of this game.

Bulu Monster leads the user on a novel journey that’s not accessible on different monster games. furthermore as enabling the user to capture monsters, the user will train them, too, and this is often what makes Bulu Monster totally different to the opposite games that may be known there. Bulu Monster will be vie each on-line and offline, permitting the user to play the sport even while not net access, creating the sport additional versatile than most.

For easy play, Bulu Monster includes a one-hand bit management therefore no joystick is needed, and it permits the user to be ready to produce the correct balance between management and game taking part in. Another feature of Bulu Monster is that the on-line look. The look permits users of Bulu Monster to access special purchase things and discounts furthermore as reading feedback from on different users and fascinating with different competitors on the net forum.

The app is unengaged to transfer and has recently been created accessible via App World; it’s been designed for the iOS platform.

Main Features:

Bulu Monster is full of colourful, carefully animated monsters. The monsters come in different shapes and sizes, and have been designed to be visually appealing to everyone who plays the game.
The colourful monsters included in this game are sure to keep everyone involved and engaged right until the end.

The game also includes:

  • A fun and appealing story line that allows the user to save their monster friend, Rania, as one of the quests
  • 14 different fantasy maps to explore
  • Challenge more than 50 NPC monster trainers
  • Train a monster team
  • Friend code system to allow the user to invite their friends to lay the game along with them, increasing the competitiveness and fun of Bulu Island.
  • Collect more than 150 different monsters

For a taster of what to expect from the app, visit http://youtu.be/sjQ0D44WSms

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Bulu Monster Apk


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